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Hi I'm Toria!

CEO and Chief Strategist | LinkedIN Profile

With nearly two decades of experience in CPG Marketing, Innovation, Brand Building and New Venture Strategy with Fortune 50 companies including GE, PepsiCo, and Samsung,  I have a proven success record in driving growth for iconic brands and launched over $750 million in new products and solutions. I have had the opportunity to champion transformational change for some of consumers’ most loved brands.  I am inherently a paradigm shifter, disruptive thinker and brand lover.  I am here to help unleash the power and potential of your business. It is my passion.

My Style:

Collaborative, Empowering, and Inclusive

My Superpower:

I can see connection in things that may not be obvious to others

My Approach:

Challenging assumptions, expanding thinking, and connecting dots

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