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Gain valuable lessons from our CEO on strategies and insights to help you on your journey as you define, build, and grow your biggest and newest ventures.


Top 3 Cues that Its Time to HATCH a New Venture

In this episode, we discuss key cues signaling the need to hatch a new venture: when core strengths cease to differentiate, growth stagnates, and consumer needs outpace capabilities. Learn to recognize these cues and embrace the opportunity to innovate and propel your business forward.


Grounding Your Next New Venture: Crafting a Strategic Plan

Delve into the importance of strategic plans for new ventures. Learn how a solid plan addresses where your company stands, its future direction, and the actionable steps needed for success. Ensure your next venture is built on a strategic foundation for long-term growth and prosperity.


How to Create a Compelling Vision

A compelling vision is the driving force behind every successful venture. Explore the importance of a compelling vision for your venture. Discover how to assess its strength using the three C's: courage, clarity, and culture. Ensure your vision is bold, easily understood, and capable of shaping your organization's identity and future success.


The Importance of Challenging Assumptions and Asking the Right Questions

Success begins with asking the right questions. Learn how reframing questions can unlock fresh perspectives and lead to innovative solutions. Challenge assumptions and broaden your thinking to unleash the full potential of your next big idea.


Top 4 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Innovate

Uncover the challenges hindering innovation. Explore how ingrained assumptions, fear of failure, risk aversion, and the pressure to avoid mistakes impede progress. Recognize these barriers and embrace a mindset that fosters creativity and experimentation to drive successful ventures.


The Biggest Mistake Organizations Make When HATCHING Their Next New Venture

In this episode, we examine the biggest mistakes in launching new ventures: falling in love with ideas, not problems. Ensure clarity on the problem your idea addresses, whether it's customer pain points or business challenges. Stay focused on solving real problems to drive meaningful innovation and success.

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